Full Size FR

Full Size FR

The standard specifications for the products on each page of this catalog are given on the same page or referenced. For solenoid pilot valves, models with internal pilot supply are listed. Most models are also available for use with external pilot supply or have a built-in pilot supply selantor valve. The products in this catalog are intended for use in industrial pneumatic systems. Most products are adaptanle to other uses and conditions not covered by the standard specifications given in this catalog.


  • Filter and Pressure Regulator combined into a single module to provide the compactness needed where space is limited
  • All sizes have essentially the same operating characteristics as their corresponding individual filters and regulators
  • All Filter/Regulator include internal automatic filter drain or manual drain options
  • Pressure gauge included
  • Regulator function is self relieving, and includes front and rear gauge ports
  • 5-, 20-, 40-micron filter elements available (see table below)
  • Metal or high strength polycarbonate bowl
  • Modular or inline mounting
  • MD3TM and MD4TM series can be modularly connected to a L-O-X® Lockout Valve
  • Stainless steel Filter/Regulator and L-0-rLockout Valve combination available

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